We have many years experience of fitting new showers.  The time may come when you need to replace your shower.  This may be due to it no longer working, or maybe you just want to update to a newer model.  A brand new shower might be of benefit as they can be more efficient.  New showers typically use less water and can be more ecologically friendly.

Showers fall in to one of 3 categories – Mains, Electric or Fully Pumped System.  After a discussion about your preferences, we can give you options available for your systems.  We can give you a quote for supply and fit, with no obligation.


There are several reasons your shower may not work:

  • Blocked shower head – usually due to hard water
  • Pump not working
  • Not enough ‘working head’ pressure between the water tank and shower head

It is quite possible that your shower can be repaired, rather than having a new one installed. We nay need to carry out diagnostic testing to investigate the problem.  If it is repairable we can give you a quote for the repair.

new showers