Outside taps can make your life easier. They give you a more convenient water source to:

  • Water the plants and garden in the summer
  • Wash your car
  • Fill the children’s paddling pool

If you have an old outside tap, you may need to replace it with the new type of tap.  Newer taps have a built-in check valve to stop back-syphoning of water.

All outside taps should:

  • Have a check-valve incorporated
  • Have an isolation valve fitted inside the house
  • Be removed and the pipes lagged over Winter

Contact us for a free quote on your new outside tap, or for repairs to your existing one.  We can discuss positioning in relation to your existing pipework.

Outside taps


Leaking pipes may occur due to:

  • General wear and tear
  • Accidental damage e.g. nailing a pipe – if this happens leave the nail in until a plumber arrives
  • Hard frost – don’t use severe heat to defrost pipes, let them defrost naturally if possible to reduce the chance of them splitting.

If you notice a leak, these actions will help to contain the leak and avoid further damage:

  • Turn off your mains water using the isolation valve
  • Turn off the heating boiler and any other water-served appliances
  • Open all taps to drain down systems at lowest points
  • Call a plumber

For your pipework emergencies, call D.R. Walker Plumbers.

Outside taps