We can supply, fit and repair any type of guttering and down pipes.

You may not realise there is a build-up or blockage in your guttering and pipes until they overflow or stop draining.  To prevent this from happening and to maintain your gutters to keep them in working order, you can:

  • Regularly clear and hose them out to stop a build-up of leaves and debris
  • Fix leaking joints when you first notice them
  • Fit strainers into downspout drains to catch any debris

If you maintain your gutters you are less likely to encounter any problems. We can maintain your guttering by clearing out any moss, leaves and debris that accumulates naturally. If you notice a leak or your gutter is overflowing, it is important to take action as the water can damage your property.

You may decide to replace old cast iron gutters for more modern and easy to maintain PVC. This type is more serviceable and no painting is required!

D.R. Walker Plumbers can carry out any of these repairs and maintenance tasks, or fit a new set if this is what you require.