Blocked drains and sink wastes can be caused due to misuse. Nothing should be put down the toilet or sink waste except water, or toilet paper in the toilet.  Anything else can not pass through the drains easily. When they get stuck they can cause water to drain slowly, or cause a total blockage, putting your sink or toilet out of action.

Some of the main causes of blocked drains are:

  • Grease which has solidified
  • Large amounts of hair
  • Accumulation of items such as cotton buds
  • Baby wipes
  • Sanitary items
blocked drains under kitchen sink

To avoid blocked drains, do the following:

  • Cotton buds, baby wipes and sanitary items must be disposed of in the appropriate bin
  • Put a strainer in sink wastes and soil wastes
  • Pour grease into a disposable container, leave it to solidify, then put it in bin
  • If for any reason you have to pour grease or a thick substance down the drain, leave hot water running for some time in the sink to rinse it down

If you want to try clearing a sink blockage yourself you can use a plunger.
Top Tip: When plunging a drain remember to cover the overflow with a cloth so the blockage doesn’t shoot out of there, making a mess.

Call us if you have tried the plunger and the blockage still does not dissipate. We won’t charge you a call out fee. Further investigation may be needed to resolve the blockage. We will:

  • Check the drains in the locality for blockages by checking waste and outside manhole
  • We may put a dye in the system to see where the blockage is
  • We will usually be able to clear the blockage for you
blocked drains under sink